DMC in Basque Country and Northern Spain

DMC in Basque Country and Northern Spain. Incentives and events in Basque Country, Rioja, Navarra, Cantabria and Ribera del Duero

We want to be your partner, your DMC in Basque Country and Northern Spain. Why? We are experts on organizing all kind of events and incentives in the Basque Country, Rioja (the wine region), Navarra, Cantabria and Ribera del Duero. Allowing participants live like locals, enjoying best of each region. 

Exclusive activities to discover traditions, landscapes, gastronomy and those unique sights that make these destinations be so special. You’ll find more information in our brochure, here.

Discovering Bilbao, Donostia-San Sebastián, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Flysch of Zumaia (Unesco Geopark), San Juan de Gaztelugatze (Targaryen House in GOT), sandy beaches, green mountains; vineyards and wineries in Rioja, Michelin Star restaurants, pintxos (basque tapas); dinosaurs footprints, natural thermal waters, olive oil. «El Camino», beautiful coastal villages. San Fermín (the running of the bulls), etc.

We have two offices in the Basque Country with all you may need to organize your trip or event in northern Spain. We create all the experiencies we offer, so we can control all what is happening and adapt the service to customer desires in seconds. Moreover our creativity and passion in what we do, let us «draw» unique and innovative offers.

Incentives in the Basque Country

Wine and gastronomy experiences

Even if we want or not, gastronomy is very importan when traveling. But could you tell a better Spanish region to enjoy wine and gastronomy? Probably not. Wine, olive oil, meet, seefood, fish, vegetables, cheese and many other high quality slow food products. Rioja wine, Txakolí wine, Michelin Star restaurantes, tastings, pairings, harvesting journeys, gastronomic festivals, exhibitions…

Shores and rivers in Northern Spain

Northern coast has a perfect balance between beauty and bravery, so we have infinite options to practice acuatic sports: boatrips, ocean races, diving, coasteering, kayaking… you would be able to swim whit sharks!

Nature in Northern Spain

All its landscapes are really amazing: mountains, valleys, vineyards, rivers… Depending on the region you choose you will certainly enjoy incredible experiences. Tours, gymkhanas, survival journeys, climbing, helicopter or balloons flights…

Wine & sea. A unique project in the Atlantic Ocean

This project is related to the story of some old retired pirates that living in the wine regions of northern Spain decided to start an amazing trip to The East. They took all their bottles of wine with them, but unfortunately some of them fell into the sea. And now we do wonder… what happened to this wine? If we found it, would it be still suitable for drinking?

We want to be your DMC in Basque Country and Northern Spain

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